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Reasons You Should Consider Building A Custom Home

It is the dream of just about every person in the United States to own a beautiful home. While the market is flooded with potential homes, they may not appear to be the one that you want for your needs. After all, they could have some of the qualities that you want and then others that make you back away. However, you have a custom home Lake Oswego OR design and built for you by a company such as Built Well Construction. Here we will take a look at reasons that a custom home may be right for you.

Living In Your Design

The first reason that you should consider a custom home Lake Oswego OR is that it is designed with all of your needs in mind. If you are a person who likes to cook often, you can have a large kitchen. If bay windows are a must, then they can be installed. When it comes to building and designed a custom home, the options are nearly endless.

Clean Living

One of the most disturbing facts about homes that were built a long time ago is that they used materials which are now recognized to be dangerous. Lead paint and asbestos are two of the most common types of materials used in homes older than 50 years. When you have a custom home Lake Oswego OR, you have a home that is built with the cleanest and most environmentally friendly materials that are available. This means that you and your family will not have any negative health impacts from any of the materials that are included in your home.

No Repair Costs

Another one of the benefits that exists when it comes to a custom home Lake Oswego OR is that there are virtually no repair costs. If you have a home built for you, then the roof and sewer lines, two of the most expensive repairs, are new enough that they will not need repairs for years to come. These repairs on non-custom homes often come as a surprise to a new buyer. However, when you consult the right business for your home building, you will have the ability to rest easy under a new roof.